Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tim Fleegel's First Post

Wyoming mid August!

I have had a very busy first month with GenNext! I took this opportunity knowing GenNext had a good product but still hanging on to my Superintendent mentality of “you’re going to have to prove it to me”. I thought I had heard it all in regards to increasing turf health.  I had been pitched every product out there and always had some skepticism listening to the salespeople.  Let me be the first to tell you that GenNext is years ahead of anything I’ve seen.  The increase in plant health, the amount of bentgrass moving into the areas of poa, and the decrease in other chemical inputs is amazing.  I have included pictures of greens at one of the courses using the products all year.

Back to my first month, I visited a course in Idaho in first weeks on the job that has been doing a trial since July of this year.  This course was applying GenNext A&B to multiple sites and on one practice green they split the green in half to see the results compared to the current program.  What I saw was a striking line where the booms were turned off.  You could clearly see the line between the GenNext side and the side being treated with just the current program.  The GenNext side had a deeper green color.  The areas of poa annua in the green were much more even, there was less seed heads on the GenNext side.  Overall it was a better looking, healthier stand of turf.

My next trip was to Colorado and Wyoming, It has been a stressful season to grow turf in the Colorado and Wyoming area.  Courses across the area have been battling summer patch, dollar spot, drought stress, heat stress, etc.  I visited several courses that have been using the product on all greens and others doing trials of the products this year and all of these courses and the test areas looked great.  None of the courses, I visited on the GenNext programs had any of the issues the other course we visited (not on the program) had. It was amazing to see the bentgrass truly thriving.

These are great products that will change the way greens are being managed.  This is truly the next generation of turf

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