Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graff's Turf Farm Field Days Day 1

This year we partnered with Golf Enviro Systems from Colorado Springs CO to participate in the Graff's Turf Farm Field Days event being held this week. Spring in Colorado this year was slow to come and the growing conditions have not been ideal.

The plot for this trial was T1 Bent grass, with the time constraints of a late spring, only three applications of the GenNext A&B were applied, the photos below show some of the results.

The coloration difference is very apparent in this picture.

Root depths are clearly more impressive, this is again after only three applications of the products.

This is a picture from ground level after the being mowed at 1.4, the Jacobson people were performing a green mower demonstration. The discussion turned from the mower to the difference in turf density, after reviewing the control and GenNext plots through the glass height prism gauge. The GenNext products are designed to grow strong dense turfgrasses, in doing so the "crowding" together of the denser turf grass makes the blades of the plants stand up straighter, creating a significantly smoother putting surface.


The Field Days continue through May 16th, we hope to gather additional photos to illustrate some other important features of the products.

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