Thursday, December 19, 2013


We read the “Myth Bustin’” on the GCI site (article) which details popular beliefs that have no factual basis. Of particular interest to us was:

Myth #2

Microbes need to be added to improve soil.
Verdict: False.
“The microbial community in turfgrass soils is plentiful and diverse,” Pat Gross, USGA Green Section Southwest Region director, says. “Additions do not improve soil conditions in any significant way. The microbial community is mostly influenced by moisture, air porosity, temperature and nitrogen content.”
Our question is - What feeds and stimulates this community? 

GenNext products contain no live microbes: 20 years ago in our research we determined that inserting live microbes into the soil did not show enough improvement in turfgrass health. So let’s close the case on adding microbes to the soil - it isn’t the answer. However, from that research, we determined that the byproducts produced by those microbes in the short time they were able to survive did add some benefit to the soil. From that, researchers designed a system to grow all the necessary microbes, fungus filaments and lots of other macrofuana creatures, such as nematodes and arthropods, in a lab environment. The researchers then harvest the byproducts produced by those live organisms. By concentrating on all the byproducts produced critical to superior turf, we are able to energize the microbial, fungus filaments and other macrofuana creatures present in your soil to perform at much higher levels.

Nutrient mining: In a healthy soil, bacteria and fungi efficiently remove other important minerals from the soil that plants require, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese. These organisms excrete special enzymes that unlock the chemical bonds that tightly bind these valuable micronutrients in soil particles. The GenNext products contain these special enzymes to make micronutrients available immediately where the bacteria and fungi populations might be deficient.

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Mycorrhizal fungi is a keystone to the health of any plant. This fungi forms as a partnership with plant roots. A healthy plant produces sugar and shares it with fungi in exchange for providing water and minerals to the plant. Mycorrhizal fungi grow through the soil and possess fine hair-like strands called hyphae. These strands form a network of canals that absorb water and minerals from the soil, then transporting it back to the plant root. Mycorrhizal fungi do not feed themselves, they must enter the living root tissue of the plant. Once inside the root, it is allowed to absorb sugar and other compounds from the plant. To increase the efficiency of these strands, you must have a healthy root zone. The GenNext products contain simple and complex carbohydrates (sugar) and other byproducts designed to help the process of developing an elaborate network of absorbing strands that reach in to the soils. Effectively, these strands act as ultra-thin absorbent roots. This in turn supplies water and minerals that makes the plant grow vigorously, producing more sugar, which it continues to share with the fungi. Another feature of increasing this population is in that Mycorrhizal threads act as a sponge, absorbing water during moist periods, then retaining and slowly releasing to the plant during periods of drought.

So, the USGA says you have a plentiful and diverse microbial community, but the modern turfgrass practices, including common management methods, are known to suppress biological activity in soil. The use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides create an environment where microbes cannot perform the necessary functions.

Wrapping this up, microbes excrete an array of important and beneficial byproducts which include amino acids, organic acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, growth regulating compounds and others; bacteria, fungi, algae protozoa and a host of other creatures feed on and utilize these byproducts. Without these essential byproducts, your turfgrass is not performing at optimum efficiency.

GenNext researchers have spent years identifying these critical byproducts and further, have designed products that stimulate healthy plant responses. Part of the “Key Complex” in our products incorporate these byproducts to stimulate the biological community in your soils. 

The best way to see how our products perform is to spend $500.00 – you will receive five gallons each of our C&D products, you will treat 24,000 sq. ft. of your turfgrass three times, and you will see superior coloration, with the beginning of your new, healthy turfgrass.

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