Friday, February 3, 2012

Raw Research Data Poa Annua Reduction Spreadsheet

We have been very excited about how the GenNext products designed to grow stronger denser, turf grass have performed in research plots. I have finally figured out google docs so you can link these documents to post. The link below will take you to the raw data from a MIchigan State Study done this past season.

As we have stated in the past our efforts to reduce poa annua have focused on energizing the primary turfgrass to grow through the poa annua. Overall last season in the MSU study the poa annua cover was reduced from 33.61% to 13.33% using the A&B Complete product. The numbers in the research show a moderate declines during the summer months while keeping both bent and poa annua injury to a minimum at the peak playing season. The key statistic to us is the significant reduction in poa annua from September to October which is traditionally a time when poa annua has a "fall bounce back". Click Here for the document

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