Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cheyenne Country Club

Matt Whalen first heard of GenNext while reading an article titled “Making Pesky Poa Go Poof” in Superintendent Magazine.  He had tried using chemical measures to control the poa annua in the original push up greens from 1917 without success.

Matt started on the GenNext program in April of 2012.  At just over 6,000 ft above sea level, the bentgrass typically doesn’t start quick in the spring.  Matt saw the bentgrass take off after a few GenNext applications.  He knew he was onto something special when the greens were perfect for a big tournament they host every June.  Typically the greens are still waking up at that time due to the elevation and soil temperatures.  The green speeds and quality of the putting surfaces were outstanding for that tournament, and have stayed that way throughout the season.
Being a poa/bent mix, the greens would typically require multiple fungicide applications throughout the season.  Typically the greens at Cheyenne Country Club require at least 4 separate fungicide applications during July and August.  This season required just 1. 

A phenomenal observation that Matt and the staff had was the fact that old cups were not visible more than 2 days after being moved and ball marks were healing extremely quickly.  Hand watering was also almost eliminated.  Fall aerification provided another stunning discovery.  The greens were aerified on Tuesday August 28th and Wednesday August 29th.  Matt received a phone call from his assistant the following Monday saying they have to mow 3 days before they had planned.  Once mowed they saw the greens were completely healed, I believe the word that was use was “perfect.”

Matt is just one of the many success stories out there coming from guys on the GenNext products.  They know first-hand the turf benefits and what these products can do.

– The Next Generation of Turf –

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