Friday, November 16, 2012

Increasing Bent Grass Populations

End of the season for 60% of the United States and we have pictures and testimonials from superintendents across the country coming in. We wanted to share some pictures that were forwarded on to us showing the increase in bent populations on a course in Colorado.

The pictures below are the before and after of using the GenNext products all season. The first picture is the actual picture, the second is a picture using a special filter to show turf voids and poa annua plants. The picture is from April 2012, the dark spots are the poa annua and the light spots are turf voids.

This second set of pictures is from October 2012, as you can see the Bent population has increased and no turf voids. This Superintendent told us he had no turf voids after initial applications of GenNext.

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