Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Thoughts before San Diego

We have said this all before and now we are saying it again! We firmly believe the GenNext Products are a significant breakthrough in  how all turfgrass and agricultural products will be grown and cultivated moving forward.
January under the cover north of Denver CO

The picture to the left here is a prime example of the incredible performance GenNext provides to Superintendents. I challenge anyone to pick up their covers and send me a better looking example of turf health in January for a northern region course.

The GenNext products are designed to provide immediate improvement in turf health while allowing the plants to build up a long term defense to avoid disease and weed invasion (poa annua). The product is the result of 40 years of research into what separates healthy vibrant turf from vulnerable turf. The answer lies in the soil and the plants ability to process the nutrients it needs to grow strong, dense disease resistant plants. GenNext is organic based with no manure, no animal byproducts but rather microbe byproducts produced in a lab under ideal conditions then added to a proprietary blend of water soluble carbon finally macro and micro nutrients added to complete the formulation. The results are outstanding!

I've spoken with Superintendents over the past five years who are using off the label application rates with PGR’s, fungicides and herbicides based on the idea that they have to get ahead of the problem. Rather than look what’s causing the problem, they continue programs that further stress the turf. This then leads to more turf problems and the circle continues. GenNext products really are part of the solution!

So my journey to GIS Show begins tomorrow with a quick trip to Chicago to discuss ongoing research projects for Coffee Blight, Rain Forest rebirth and the amazing results we are seeing in test with cauliflower grown in California. From there its off to the Philadelphia area to meet with a potential new distributor then late Friday night off to California.

If you're going to the GIS show call me I will make time to sit down with you and explain in depth the products and how it will benefit your turfgrass (Bermuda, Zyosia, Bent, Fine Fescue ...)

Tim Brink 952.215.2078

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