Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What’s happening in the GenNext Turfgrass Hybrid Application (A&B or C&D)

1.    A&B Foliar Application delivers, at the leaf, immediate nitrogen (N) that Improves coloration within 2 - 24 Hours. C&D requires applicator to add nitrogen (N),
2.    Soil Application delivers water soluble readily available carbon (WSRAC), micro nutrients, simple and complex carbohydrates,and the Key Complex of microbial exudates that include enzymes and plant hormones.A&B provides additional nitrogen (N).
3.    WSRAC activates the microbe population, simple and complex carbohydrates stimulate the microbes.
4.    Microbes energized start producing gummy substances (polysaccharides) to hold macro and micro nutrients in place to be available to the plant.
5.    Fungi Filaments (mycorrhiza) start to increase in population creating a hairnet like web of fungi that grows into the root increasing root capacity up to 700 times. These fungi absorb water and nutrients from the soil conducting them back to the roots. 
GenNext creates balance for your existing microbes, delivering to them byproducts not being produced by the current microbe population. 

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