Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Plant Talk: Frank Zamazal

I am very excited to be a partner with the GenNext team. One of the most innovative segments of the formulations GenNext produces are the plant activators and extenders. Plant activators are an integral part of plant health.  They are short-lived compounds that activate a plant’s immune system to respond to pathogen activity and play a critical role in plant survival. Unfortunately, plant activators naturally trigger at the point of stress to a plant…but what if plant activators could be introduced with an extended life span, beforehand, while a plant is thriving? The GenNext formulas do just that and have bio-technology to extend plant activator activity to go beyond the role of defense mechanism and become a partner with fertility and plant development.  

The GenNext proprietary formula of plant activators and extenders (hormones and enzymes combined with micro-biological extracts and soluble carbon) or simply put, composted materials, have been formulated to prolong the effects of plant activators, so they can be continually introduced with regular applications promoting beneficial microbial activity and developing plant defenses through the buildup of root mass and mycorrhizae, thus, promoting plant density and disease immunity.

When evaluating your foliar program, I believe there needs to be an overall change in mind set. Fertility protocols need to embrace the use of plant activators to prime the plant’s development process. Although the effects of plant activators have been proven to be short-lived, the GenNext proprietary formulations incorporate natural extenders to prolong the efficacy of the plant activators from days to weeks. Having this characteristic in your foliar program will not only optimize plant health, but lead to enhanced conditioning impervious to abrupt seasonal changes detrimental to plant health.  

I intend on writing a number of blogs over the coming months on plant health, drought tolerance, mycorrhizal colonization and other plant related topic. Please feel free to contact me with questions about plant health or the GenNext products.

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