Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Changing Direction at Boiler Springs Golf Club

What difference a year makes! Jeff Wagner took over as Superintendent of Boiler Springs Golf Club this spring. He faced numerous problems, the management of a struggling municipal operation with bentgrass greens in the transition zone, an effluent water source, sandy soils, and a very high indigenous population of sting nematodes. The golf course was closed in late 2012 due to a history of chronic mismanagement and ongoing struggles maintaining the putting surfaces. 
In early 2013, the city of Woodward took control of the property and renovated the golf course. Boiling Springs Golf Club reopened in the fall of that year. Despite the completion of an entire fumigation process, by fall of 2014, the greens were lost once again due to a combination of various and extremely complex set of agronomic issues. Below is the conditions of the Fourth green in 2014 before Jeff"s arrival at Boiler Springs.
Under guidance from Michael Chaplinski of Turf Feeding System, Inc, GenNext Biotech and Global Environmental Management we designed a fertigation and spray program for Jeff"s greens and fairways. Within two weeks after the fertigation was installed and the GenNext and GEM products were applied the golf course began to change dramatically and each week it continued to get better. Below is the 2015 photo of that same 4th green taken in the same time-frame as 2014.
Why the dramatic turn around? Whats the GenNext Difference?
What is it?
 GenNext formulas A & B are extracellular enzyme (exoenzyme) complexes, stabilized with soil minerals (Copper, Zinc, Iron, & Manganese) and combined with plant hormones. The formulations use humic and fulvic acids to provide the complexes with a soluble carbon / energy source, and use immediate and gradual release nitrogen blend to provide their food source.  The enzyme complex is derived from composted corn and prairie grasses from America’s Heartland.
What does it do?
Continual use of GenNext A & B improves both soil and plant health by triggering the vital reactions necessary to sustain them in terms of root development, soil respiration and ultimately plant immunity.
 How does it work?
Applications of GenNext A & B bypass microbial diffusion of exoenzymes in the soil, and provide an instant enzymatic catalyst to promote existing beneficial soil bacteria as well as trigger plant defense mechanisms in the form of plant activators. There are no living processes to inoculate the enzyme complex…they activate immediately upon application.
 How does one incorporate GenNext in their program?
The use of GenNext A & B utilizes enzyme stimulation with the benefit of a high quality carbon and nitrogen blend that serves as a more efficient nitrogen substitute for your current fertilizer program. Based on your nutritional needs it will mix with any liquid or soluble nutrient source and help form a comprehensive nutritional strategy for the demands of your growing season.

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