Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Chances are you were referred to the blog by a post on a turf site or a referral from someone you know, we are GenNext and our mission is to grow great turf. The company is an extension of our research and consulting business in agronomy. The consulting business has been around since 1964, in 2005 we made the decision to standardize our formulations that we prescribed on a prescription basis to courses across the world, and create products that could be marketed to the courses in mass.

The products are based on the premise that Mother Nature is the best lab technician. We examined why specific turf grasses flourished, at the plant level and the soil level then examined the areas where that turf grass didn’t flourish. We broke down the differences in those plant and soils then sought to produce a formulation that would create the environment that flourished. The products GenNext Complete A&B and GenNext C&D are the finished products.

But let’s get down to the bottom line here’s the two big questions we are always asked: How does it reduce poa annua? What is the active ingredient? To be honest we don’t know which of the 3000 complexes of multi forming natural organic ingredients, microbiological bi-products, organic hormones, extracts, and enzyme complexes delivered in the product actually cause the poa annua to become the weaker plant, but it happens 95% of the time. The product was designed to create healthier aggressive growing plants. It was through observation over 12 years on various courses throughout the world that we realized the products energized the desired turf grass to grow through the poa annua. Over the course of a couple seasons we have seen courses reduce poa from 95% to 5%.
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