Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sandstone Minnesota Results

May 13th
 Dean Rollie at the Sandstone Golf Club in Sandstone Minnesota had a large amount of winter kill on his greens and an overzealous member who roto-tilled a fairway (for what reason I’m still not clear). We read about the problem on twitter contacted Mr. Rollie and brought him products we knew could help the problems. Dean was skeptical of our claim but without many options and nothing else working for Dean he choose to work with us. We delivered our Like Wild and GenNext Complete products to Dean. Dean applied the products as prescribed starting on May 3rd. We don’t have a picture of the starting look of the fairway but here are three from May13th May 24th and June 5th Dean thinks it’s pretty impressive, we do too. You can check his May 30th blog post for an update on the greens
May 24th Sandstone MN

June 5th Sandstone MN

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